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Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Middle School Dance Comes with Instructions! You Gotta See This!

While I was watching the Giants take game three last night, Katie was focusing on "groking" what she had learned in PE this week in preparation for Friday's big (first) dance!

At the commercial break, she dragged me into the office where she had laid it all out on our white board (they are closet doors and absolutely the coolest thing).  I couldn't resist sharing it with you - it's just too classic. And heck, if you aren't a dancer, maybe it will give you a few ideas!

The PE teachers have assured the students that nearly any movement, if it matches the beat, can be considered a dance move. Shoot basketballs? Do it to the beat. Grab groceries off a shelf? Do it to the beat. And don't forget to choose your favorite dance expression - that helps sell it. 

Now, put on some music and bust a move! 

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  1. This reminds me of the Kat Williams's comedy routine, where he does a whole dance based on shooting a basketball, swinging a baseball, etc. Of course, with the exception of this silly dance routine, Kat Williams' comedy is a bit more adult content. It's nice to see the PE teachers teaching kids something positive about dancing, rather than just doing the "no dirty dancing" lecture and giving no alternatives.

    Hope Katie has fun. Middle school dances are great! I miss them :(